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Women's GDEFY Mighty Walk Athletic Shoes

$109.95 $155.00
$109.95 $155.00



Don’t let the sleek design of the Mighty Walk fool you. This lightweight, breathable sneaker
provides a secure fit with a soft interior lining and a low-profile design that packs the same
VersoShock® technology** you’ve come to love.

8 hour comfort


  • VersoShock® patented technology is clinically shown to relieve pain in the knees,
    by up to 85%*.
  • Roomy Toe Box extra room for comfort and better blood circulation.
  • Front Rolling Design designed to reduce foot stress by isolating 28 bones, 30 joints,
    and over 100 muscles from harm.
  • Removable Insoles to accommodate custom orthotic support.
  • Durable Breatable Mesh provides proper ventilation & flexibility.
  • MEDICARE / HCPCS code = A5500 may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement.
  • Free Corrective Fit Orthotics included– $50 Value. Orthotics provide full-body
    alignment and perfect biomechanics.

*Study by Olive View UCLA Medical Center and published in 2022 by JAPMA

Weight 10oz

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I LOVE these shoes!


I love to walk but the pain was just too great in my back and legs. I’ve tried numerous brands of shoes with no relief. When i put my foot into this shoe for the first time it was a game changer. I can now walk as far as i want with no pain!!!!! Thank you Gravity Defyer!!!!!!

I love this shoe and would buy again. Well worth the money.


I have suffered with foot issues for the past two years because of surgery I had many years ago to correct a bunion on my right foot. My foot didn't heal correctly and here I am 30 years later with the following issues - neuromas, a hammer toe and plantar fasciitis in both feet. Although the treatment I have had, has helped the PF, I have lots of pain from the other issues and have searched high and low for a pair of shoes that are supportive yet comfortable, have a good arch support and a sole that absorbs the shock of walking. These shoes are it! They have made such a difference in my everyday life. I've barely taken them off since I received them. They are well worth the money and I would recommend these and would buy them again. 5+++ stars!! Thank you!

Highly recommend


These shoes are great for planter fasciitis. I stand on concrete 10 hours a day. I love these shoes. The shock absorbers on the bottom are awesome. I recommend these for anyone with foot problems. Ive had shots, meds, insoles, etc.........These shoes help so much.

Love them!


I have been resistant to "orthopedic shoes" despite ongoing foot problems. I started reading reviews for shoes that relieved plantar fasciitis pain, and found these. Combined with a recommendation from my husband's colleague, the description (and 30 day trial period) was enough to get me to give it a shot. Well, I'm in love. While the shoes are a little "clunky" in appearance because of the stability sole, I decided I couldn't let that bother me. Why? Because I had nearly 90 percent pain relief immediately. While it will take a while for my fascia to build strength again, so 100 percent relief is unlikely right away, that much improvement cannot be ignored. I also bought a pair of dress shoes and will be acquiring another pair of athletic shoes from you soon. Thank you!

I would definitely purchase another pair!


I have really enjoyed wearing these shoes. At first I was skeptical never in my life had I ever pair over 50.00 for a pair of shoes.I had recently been dealing with rheumatoid arthritis and had a few of the nodules on my feet and toe joints and when inflamed it is painful .I have to say these shoes are true to there word about comfort . One will not be disappointed in these type of shoes. I will be looking to purchase another pair in there near future. Thank you for making such a comfortable shoe.

Love these Shoes


This is the first time that I have bought these shoes. I am very pleased that I am able to walk with no pain at the bottom of my foot. I am able to walk downstairs with no problems. I am able to put my orthotics into the shoe and have the extra comfort. I would buy another pair of these shoes in a heart beat. Thank you for such awesome shoes.

Great shoe


I just love these shoes. I was hoping that they would last me longer than 3 months but they are stretched out on the sides due to the way I walk. All in all, I will be getting them again. Only because they help tremendously with my pain.

I would definitely buy this product again.


Definitely worth the buy. Very comfortable. My feet feel great after being in them all day.

Yes again and again I would buy


I wear shoes to the gym for my workouts. Chasing the pets around the house.

Fantastic for tight calves!


I have struggled with having tight calves and Achilles for as long as I can remember. I have limited range of motion in my ankles, so my muscles and tendons are tauter than average - even as an athletic person. After long walks, massaging out my calves used to be incredibly painful. With these shoes, though, I get the lift and support that I need, and I no longer feel pain! I can work at a stand-up desk in these shoes without cramping, and my walks are enjoyable. 10 out of 10 would recommend to anyone with issues like mine.

My feet have never been so comfortable!


Shoes come with 3 sets of insoles to mix and match for the most comfortable customized fit I've ever had. Toe box is roomy without looking bulky, width and size are perfect. Lots of compliments on color and style. 10x better than NB for hard to fit feet! Worth every penny!

Excellent - only shoe that's provided relief!


Like so many others, I've had plantar fasciitis for years. But in the past year, I have developed other feet problems as well. I tend to underpronate & have developed stress fractures (trying to keep pressure off my arches). Alegria has always been my go-to shoe, but for walking/exercising, I needed something with more support. I bought a pair of Hoka one one shoes before a trip to NYC last year, but was in tears by the 2nd day of walking around the city. I've tried several pair from Mephisto, Taos, Vionic, Orthoheel, etc, but although they had good arch support, the rest of the sole was always hard as a rock. These are fantastic! I love that they include the additional sole for different arch heights & the spacer as well. It's so cool to feel the springy-ness in the heels. I can actually walk pretty well with out a ton of pain. These have been well worth the money!! Very happy customer!

Love this shoe!


Had an episode of mild drop foot due to a disc pressing on a nerve down my leg. My foot slapped the ground rather than the normal heel-toe placement. I bought these shoes and found they were very helpful in foot placement and the slight rolling motion allowed my foot to set down properly rather than slap. I am fine now but with occasional plantar fasciitis flareups I will buy another pair (or two!) in a different color. Very good support for my feet.

Best brand of shoes in the world / Truly life changing


I have the world's worst feet. I have so many conditions with my feet. I have tried almost every shoe known to mankind and none of them have worked. I even had custom shoes with custom orthotics and my feet were still killing me. I saw these shoe in a magazine and they advertised, they were pain free shoes, they worked with plantar fasciitis, Diabetes, Etc. I was skeptical, but I figured, lets try one more shoe, maybe they really will work. To my surprise, these shoes are amazing. I have had them for 4 months and I couldn't be happier. They really work. I can now walk and my feet don't hurt. I just ordered another pair. This will be my only brand of shoes from here on out. They have truly been life changing. I am a size 6 and that fit beautifully. I do have a morton's neuroma in my right foot and I ordered a 6 wide. I usually take a 6 wide. I think if I didn't have the Morton's neuroma a 6 wide would have worked, but for future orders I will order a 6XW. Thank you Gravity Defyer!!!!

My chiropractor loved ordering the boots


I have issue with my back and hip due to a horse accident. I just got them and they are the best shoes I ever owned. My Chiropractor was impressed by the shoes and wants information. I am ordering the hiking boots as I work a lot with horses. I need a boot that is water proof. They are expensive...but its investment in ur physical health and to help your quality of life. My pain slows me down...but with quality shoes will be extremely helpful.

The Might Walk is might comfortable


This shoe is the first one in ages that did not aggravate my Tailor's Bunion (lateral/outside of my foot) because the shoe has good width (xw) and no seams to rub. It's also easy on my metatarsal arthritis. I would definitely buy another Gravity Defyer if:
1. It comes in XW.
2. It's all black and with no seams to rub medial or lateral bunions at the base of the toes.

I am interested in some of the more stylish shoes offered but they are not available in XW. It would be wonderful if the company offered the dressier shoes in XW.

I would buy this product again.


I will be buying more of shoes in the future. I had knee surgery and your shoes have helped me. I can walk for a long time with no pain in my knee. Thank you for creating a great product.

Are the M width here as comfortable as the W?


I would like to try them but I usually wear a wide. These only come in a M. How do you think they run? Wider or true to size? Thank you

BUY THESE!!! You will be glad you did!!


I LOVE THIS SHOE!!!! I have a hard time finding a comfortable shoe as usually it’s to narrow or to tight in the body. Not this one!! I walk hard on my heels and am pretty flat footed. Usually after an hour (usually less) my feet and my lower back/hips hurt. I work 12 her shifts on my feet and now have 0... (ZERO) pain at the end of the day!! Not to mention I have gotten multiple compliments on them!!! I will buy again! Now buying a pair for my Dad! Buy these, you will not regret it!!

Will continue to buy


My left foot is little wider than EE and these are the widest I have found. I usually walk on the edge of the foot bed which has caused a very painful calus past couple of years. These shoes help my supination and keeps me walking more on top of the shoe bed and not on the side of it. I love them. Tried all the major companies and discovered these last month.



When you try this shoes for the first time. You going to feel better 100%

Yes I would buy again.


I have CMT1A, The shoes helps. The only thing is the price is VERY high.

Best shoe I have ever had


I have bad feet, a friend of mine had a pair of these shoes and she said she loved them. I went online and bought a pair for myself.
These are amazing. I highly recommend these shoes!

Awesome show!


I have plantar fasciitis, these shoes have been a godsend for work!

Relief at LAST!!


I am on my feet all day. When I saw these shoes on another teacher, I was intrigued. She said they were the first shoes she was able to wear that did not hurt her feet. To be honest, the price was the only thing that gave me pause. However, I decided to take the plunge and...I am THRILLED to say my plantar fasciitis hasn’t made a PEEP while wearing these shoes!! These shoes look sharp and feel fantastic. I’m saving up for another pair! Thanks so much!

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