VersoShock ® Technology

VersoShock technology is designed to absorb harmful shock from the ground up, converting the shock into renewed positive energy for every step.
Reverse Trampoline Heel
Specially engineered compression chamber absorbs harmful impact.
Stabilizing Midfoot
Supportive linear and lateral stabilization guards tendons from stress.
Designed to relieve pressure on toes and joints during forward propulsion.

VersoCloud ® Spring-Cell Technology

Harnessing chemical and thermal reactions on a cellular level, the multi-density sole of nucleated polymers recycle energy with spring-like efficiency, fueling confidence and performance.
Nucleated Polymer Cells
Supported in a structure matrix to absorb excess kinetic energy.
Multi-density support
Protects arches and restores foot alignment with 3D motion control.
Designed to relieve pressure on toes and joints during forward propulsion.

The Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid VersoShock® Technology

We have combined the clinically demonstrated pain relief of our patented VersoShock technology with the ultimate shock absorption of our exclusive VersoCloud nucleated polymer formula for the ultimate comfort experience. Select styles only.

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FREE Corrective Fit Orthotics

With every GDEFY shoe purchase–except sandals (we already built the orthotics into those.)

Because pain relief and comfort start with alignment, we include Corrective Fit, our exclusive podiatrist-grade orthotics, with every shoe to align your body so our shoes can do their job. Perfect for 86% of foot types.


· Antimicrobial-Treated Lining Cover
· Foam Cushioning for high energy return and comfort
· Lightweight PU Core provides cushioning and flexibility
· Perforated Finish for ultimate breathability, so feet stay cool and dry
· Forefoot Foam Thickness: 5.5mm

The Right Support: soothe tired feet correct alignment, and be more active!

Aches and pains can strike anyone at any age, but research shoes it all may start with your feet! Misalignment can ripple through your body compromising ankles, knees, hips, and back as muscle fatigue steals away your energy.

While most shoe liners lose their shape and cushioning within days, the superior materials and design of G-Comfort orthotics deliver long-lasting support and protection even surpassing the lifespan of most shoes. A carbon-fiber outer shell stabilizes the foot’s structure. The resilient polyurethane mid-layer cushions and relieves pressure, while the low-friction, specially treated microfiber top-layer wicks away moisture and resists odor.

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Make every shoe a slip-on!

Shoe Care Kit

Clean. Refresh. Protect.


Sport, Dress, & Diabetic