What our Customers are saying...

"I'm a diabetic with neuropathy and it's the only shoes that I can walk in. Thank you Gravity Defyer"

Chris G Customer

"I am on concrete all day. Since receiving my Gravity Defyer shoes, at the end of my 8 hours I am still ready to keep going - a real change from before the shoes."

Tommy J Customer

"I am a nurse and I have had a knee replacement. I walk on hard cement slab floors for 32 hrs per week...WOW! what a difference a pair of gravity defyer sneakers make!...I can nearly sprint down the halls and not feel weight bearing on my hips,knees and feet...Thank you for your product"

Sarah H Customer

"I walk an average 3 miles a day selling furniture in a very large showroom. Gravity Defyers are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned and would recommend them to anyone who wants total comfort in a great looking shoe."

Megan C. Customer

"I stand on a cement floor eight hours a day but my body just can’t take the pounding of walking or even standing. After trying Gravity Defyer shoes, I can keep my job and enjoy it pain free. I am Gravity Defyer’s number one fan"

Bobby S Customer

"I have terrible plantar fascitis - really painful stabbing pain. I got one pair of Gravity Defyers to try and to my amazement my feet either don't hurt or barely hurts when wearing them (major improvement from limping around all day long). These are just what I needed. Now I am experiencing significantly less pain on a daily basis because of wearing these shoes"

Tim W. Customer