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Women's GDEFY Ion Athletic Shoes

$99.95 $155.00
$99.95 $155.00



Re-energize your life with the Ion. When it hurts to move—when your joints
seem worn by years of use—when managing discomfort you need maximum
protection—maximum comfort only the Ion can deliver. With the VersoShock®
sole**, the Ion wraps your foot in protection.

Every pair of Ions include our exclusive Corrective Fit orthotic as a free
bonus. Minimize discomfort and maximize your performance with the Ion.

8 hour comfort


  • VersoShock® patented technology is clinically shown to relieve pain in
    knees by up to 85%**.
  • Front Rolling Design designed to reduce foot stress by isolating 28 bones, 30 joints,
    and over 100 muscles from harm.
  • Roomy Toe Box intended to improve circulation by relieving stress on your toes
    and arches.
  • Removable Insoles to accommodate custom orthotic support
  • Free Corrective Fit Orthotics included– $50 Value. *Orthotics
    provide full-body alignment and perfect biomechanics.

**In a 2017 double-blind study by Olive View UCLA Medical Center.

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At first i was not impressed. My toes were even sore, even w


At first I wasn't impressed. But after about the 4th time, my toes didn't hurt anymore and my hips didn't hurt. It was great to walk without hip pain, so I could walk longer. They have absolutely enabled me to walk longer, better and happier.

Great sneakers


I bought these for Christmas gift for myself and I'm finally coming around for a review on them after wearing them they're comfortable and it feels like walking on a marshmallow I don't have heel pain I'm thinking of buying a second pair there one of my favorite so far I can walk fast and stay on my feet standing for hours I also suffer from Heel Spurs these are my sneakers for now on love them

I will buy this shoe again.


I love this shoe! I am buying my second pair. I'm so happy with them. I work on concrete floors full time and they lasted 6 months. Usually shoes only last 3 or 4 months. My knees ankles and legs did not ache every evening! Well worth the investment. I read reviews that they run small, so I ordered 1/2 size bigger. Perfect!

I would definitely be buying more sneakers from Gravity Defy


Best sneakers I ever wore.Bought Ion app 2 months ago and helped my planters facitais tremendously..Buying my second pair . Would highly recommend to others..Told my knee doctor and he's buying a couple of pair and passing the word around to his patients...

I will buy this shoe again


I work in a hospital and I am on my feet all day. From the minute I put these shoes on it was wonderful! The Iokia quick straps make it easy since I have arthritis in my hands and feet and it is easy to put on and take off. Thank you again and again.

Best shoe ever made!


I have so much foot and ankle pain. I would hurt so bad every time I walked, whether just around the house or for long walks, I was contemplating giving up my walks. I couldn't find a doctor that could help. These athletic shoes saved me. I cannot wear the other styles but I love the athletic style. They are fantastic. They seem to run a little small so I order a size 10 instead of 91/2. I have recommended these shoes to others and have had the pleasure to witness the benefits when they also loved them. Eternally grateful to the inventor of these great shoes. Thank you with all my heart!

My miracle shoes


Love these shoes. I can't tell you how much pain & pressure they relieve from my knees and hips. If I could wear them to bed I would. My only complaint would be I wished that the toe area would be a little wider. Other than that, these are great shoes and would definitely buy more. Very lightweight too.

Work for Walmart.


I love the comfort of these shoes. I have had a lot of foot pain and these help a lot. My concern is that for the price they should last longer than 60 days. The mesh on the shoes already has a hole where your foot bends and is also pulling away from the sole of the shoe. I contacted customer service and they say that there is only a 60 day warranty from the day that you order not from the day you received them.

In Love these Shoes


I work at Home Depot in the garden center. I've got a bad knee and by the time I get home my entire body was in pain. I did a lot research and decided I would spend the money and try them out. After one 8 hour shift it was amazing. My knee didn't hurt, I had more energy, plus it felt like I was walking on a trampoline all day. I don't feel the cement, rocks or anything else I walk over. I actually have been tell everyone I know about them and spending the extra money is well worth it.

Best Athletic shoe there is !!


I had Achilles tendon problem. Wore a medical boot for 3 mths, I needed to find something with full 2" heel height to help ease that. These are the best athletic shoes I have ever bought & I was an athlete for many yrs, I have a high instep & arch & wide width across toe area. Also sometimes even in other popular, expensive athletic shoes, the depth of the toe box is not tall enough and puts pressure on toe nail area, even though shoe is a wide width, NOT the case with these. I ordered my regular size 9 1/2 wide and they fit perfectly. I have expensive arch inserts, but did not need them with this shoe. NEARLY PERFECTION in every way u could want.

Most comfortable athletic shoe I have ever worn!


Excellent shoe for anyone with foot problems. Love the stability and cushioning!

Best shoe ever


I walk 6-8 miles a day.....was experiencing foot pain and hip pain.....but no more....these shoes are the best I have ever owned!!!

My knees are happy!


I had been suffering knee pain for the past month, and I even had to ice my knees a couple of times for the first time in my 46-years of life. These shoes truly are wonderful. I choose them very time when I go out and walk my 87-pound golden retriever. I highly recommend these shoes.

Mesh Rips Easily

by -

I have purchased 2 pairs of these shoes. I had horrible foot pain from plantar fasciitis and I'm a dog walker, by the end of the day I was unable to even walk to my kitchen. So I thought - let me give this brand a try because I liked the springy mechanics. I would say it took about a week to become totally pain free! I was so surprised! I quickly bought another pair of this same shoe and I also have 2 other pairs of G-Defy shoes (one of those is a bit too tight to wear comfortably all day). This particular model is the shoe I love. My only complaint is that the mesh in both pairs quickly developed rips during normal wear. I keep wearing them because they took away my pain but they look really bad! For $150 I expected the construction to be durable - and everything except the mesh has remained in excellent condition! I'm buying 2 more pair on sale but I really wish they would resolve the mesh ripping problem.

Improved knee pain


4 stars because shipping took months. They look like Frankenstein shoes at first but the new colors are cute. I am 5 ' 10". These made me over 6 feet. So if you want height...
I have horrible plantar fasciitis and knee pain and am desperate for a non surgical cure.

After one day of wear my knee pain was virtually gone by morning.

Heel still hurts but definitely less. And swelling is down.

Will continue to wear and hope the price comes down before I need another pair.

One note..I felt off balance a few times. Would worry about any one with fall risk.

Love these shoes my feet feels so much better plan on buying more


I love these shoes they help my feet I can walk again. I plan on buying more they do costs but boy they do help I am on my feet all day.

I love my shoes!!!!


I have worn gravity defyers for years. This style in particular for 3 years. I never wear anything else. No ankle or knee pain and no more plantar fasciitis!! Your have to wear them a little at a time for a few days. I wore one pair every day for 2 years and they still look new!

Best Atheletic Shoe I have ever owned!


I have arthritis in my ankle from a talus break about 10 years ago. I dreaded the thought of walking around Disneyland for 5 days, knowing how much pain I would be in. I worried I wouldn't be able to walk the whole time and would have to sit out. I walked the entire time! I wouldn't say I was pain free, but the pain I felt was tired "Disneyland" feet, not from the pain in the ankle from the injury. I am 100% sold on these shoes, I am back to try other types of shoes. I have never written a review, and I knew after my first day at the park I would be writing one as soon as I got back! Thank you! It is more than a shoe to me, I am making memories because I can walk more without pain!

Feel great, did not hold up


These feel wonderful and helped my feet so much. I am a nurse and am on my feet all day. However, the left shoe heel had to be glued back on almost immediately, and after only 6 months, there is quite a bit of wear. They look as if I have worn them a year or more. I tried contacting customer service about the heel, and did not receive a response.

Amazing shoes!!!


These shoes are outstanding! My feet, lower legs and back hurt when I stand for to long. I have tried so many different types of shoes and I finally found the perfect ones will definitely will buy again!!!

Best Shoe Ever / Life Changing


I already have a pair of mighty walks, which are wonderful, so I decided to try another pair of Gravity defyers. I love this shoe even more then the Mighty Walks. I have the world's worst feet. For years I have been on a quest to find a shoe that would not hurt my feet. I had never found one, until I found Gravity Defyers. This shoe has truly been life changing. I can now walk without my feet killing me. They are so comfortable. I am amazed. I never thought that I was actually going to find a shoe that allowed me to walk and feel good on my feet. HIghly recommend.

Excellent sneakers


Great excellent sneakers these are the only sneakers that I can also use have tried other expensive sneakers and also had to return them but these are my everyday use the only thing that’s a bit akwards is the high heel looks a bit funny looking wish It would be a little stylish overall there wonderful to walk in I’m also on my feet 8 hours food service supervisor and Have plantar fasciitis but these are like marshmallows walking with them no more pain love these I would order over and over again I have had these for just over 2 years

Deffently would buy again!!


I work in retail and I am on my feet 10 to 12 hours a day. I needed a comfy shoe, so my back, legs, knees wouldn't be so sore. So I decided to try these shoes. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! MY BACK ,FEET AND KNEES FEEL GREAT!!!. But the only thing I wish the carried different colors instead of black in slip resistant shoes, with a composite toe!! Otherwise Great Shoes.

These shoes made my workday much better!


These shoes have almost diminished my knee and hip pain. I have RA and have had knee problems. I didn’t realize how misaligned my body was to compensate for the pain. You have to follow the directions and wear them and get used to them. They have changed my life.

I am buying this product again.


Bought these to help with a hammer toe issue, and needed a wide toe box, but my whole foot feels better. Love them.