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Women's GDEFY Ion Black Athletic Shoes

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$145.00 $155.00



Re-energize your life with the Ion. When it hurts to move—when your joints
seem worn by years of use—when managing discomfort you need maximum
protection—maximum comfort only the Ion can deliver. With the VersoShock®
sole**, the Ion wraps your foot in protection.

Every pair of Ions include our exclusive Corrective Fit orthotic as a free
bonus. Minimize discomfort and maximize your performance with the Ion.

8 hour comfort


  • VersoShock® patented technology is clinically shown to relieve pain in
    knees by up to 85%**.
  • Slip-Resistant Outsole ASTM F2913-11 specially designed outsole provides max
    grip on any surface.
  • Front Rolling Design designed to reduce foot stress by isolating 28 bones, 30 joints,
    and over 100 muscles from harm.
  • Roomy Toe Box intended to improve circulation by relieving stress on your toes
    and arches.
  • Removable Insoles to accommodate custom orthotic support
  • Free Corrective Fit Orthotics included– $50 Value. *Orthotics
    provide full-body alignment and perfect biomechanics.

**In a 2017 double-blind study by Olive View UCLA Medical Center.

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LOVE these Shoes


These are the MOST comfortable shoes I have ever bought. I'm a cashier and standing in one place for hours on end use to be so pain full. Now I can work all day with NO pain and feel great after my 8 hour shift. I love these shoes so much, I bought another pair for weekend use and a pair for my daughter who wears them to work also.

I difinely buy this shoe again


I wear this shoes everyday. I've had back surgery and have arthritis in hip and knees and they do help

Excellent shoes but


I have worked food service for 30 hrs and am on my feet all day on concrete floors. I have a lot of issues with my feet. Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, beginning of bunions and arthritis in BOTH feet. I am a shoe returner. I buy them, try them and return them because they don't help my feet, but the Gravity Defyer shoes actually works. I thought the shoes were pricey but bought them anyway. My feet never felt so much better. It took A few days for them to "kick" in. Amazing. I couldn't believe how better my feet felt, the only issue I had was the same as another person. The netting at the front sides of the shoes were tearing after a few months. According to people I know who head the Akron Marathon, shoes are like tires and should be replaced after 3,000 miles because they start to break down and lose their effectiveness.

I would buy the product over and over again


I like this shoes but they NEVER have them in stock size 6 W

These shoes are totally amazing!! I could walk on my feet be


A nurse turned CEO of my own company. After years of nursing then walking in hospitals in management in heels the ball of my foot was gone and I was "walking on bones"! Ball of foot atrophy (same thing distance runners experience). I had over 50 pairs of almost new shoes that I could NOT wear!😕 Got these 6 weeks ago and now wear 90% of the time. Have more pairs on back order that I'm waiting for. I couldn't do activities with friends or grandbabies anymore. Saw multiple doctors to no avail. Collagen injection are $15,000 for this condition! These have been life changing. Defy Gravity please make my new shoes faster!!! People are tired of seeing these. 😊😊 lol

LOVE these shoes!


I have plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. These shoes are amazing! So comfortable and my feet don't hurt even after a full day at work. I will definitely order more!!! Extremely happy.

Excellent shoe


I'm a letter carrier with arch problems. These shoes are great for work. Because I use them for work and I walk a lot they wear out quickly. Also the mesh where the shoe bends as you step, breaks easily. Other than that these shoes are the best investment you can make specially when you suffer from heel spurs.



I have plantar fasciitis, and have been in horrible pain for at least 6 months. I've tried 4 different pairs of sneakers and padding. Nothing kept me from the pain. I am on my feet all day at work, and walk at least 5-8 miles there everyday. I found myself limping by the end of the day, and having to ice my heels every night. I have had these for a month now, and I don't have the pain at all during the more limping. I don't have to ice my heels at night any longer!! But unfortunitly, it's only been a month and the corners were my feet bend are stating to pull apart.

I am buying this product again.


Bought these to help with a hammer toe issue, and needed a wide toe box, but my whole foot feels better. Love them.

These shoes made my workday much better!


These shoes have almost diminished my knee and hip pain. I have RA and have had knee problems. I didn’t realize how misaligned my body was to compensate for the pain. You have to follow the directions and wear them and get used to them. They have changed my life.

Deffently would buy again!!


I work in retail and I am on my feet 10 to 12 hours a day. I needed a comfy shoe, so my back, legs, knees wouldn't be so sore. So I decided to try these shoes. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! MY BACK ,FEET AND KNEES FEEL GREAT!!!. But the only thing I wish the carried different colors instead of black in slip resistant shoes, with a composite toe!! Otherwise Great Shoes.

Excellent sneakers

by -

Great excellent sneakers these are the only sneakers that I can also use have tried other expensive sneakers and also had to return them but these are my everyday use the only thing that’s a bit akwards is the high heel looks a bit funny looking wish It would be a little stylish overall there wonderful to walk in I’m also on my feet 8 hours food service supervisor and Have plantar fasciitis but these are like marshmallows walking with them no more pain love these I would order over and over again I have had these for just over 2 years

Best Shoe Ever / Life Changing


I already have a pair of mighty walks, which are wonderful, so I decided to try another pair of Gravity defyers. I love this shoe even more then the Mighty Walks. I have the world's worst feet. For years I have been on a quest to find a shoe that would not hurt my feet. I had never found one, until I found Gravity Defyers. This shoe has truly been life changing. I can now walk without my feet killing me. They are so comfortable. I am amazed. I never thought that I was actually going to find a shoe that allowed me to walk and feel good on my feet. HIghly recommend.

Amazing shoes!!!


These shoes are outstanding! My feet, lower legs and back hurt when I stand for to long. I have tried so many different types of shoes and I finally found the perfect ones will definitely will buy again!!!

a few yrs


I have been working food service and have heel spurs and arthritis in both feet and right hip .. I love the shoes BUT after a few month the heels wore out and was no longer able to wear them at work cause id slip .. I do wish they made different colors or different styles .. not so expensive so i could afford more to change into .. other wise great shoe

I own 2 pair and thrilled with the shoes. Makes a very comf


I have been very happy with ALL your shoes have been a customer for several years thank you

I just received my first pair and am ordering a second pair


Usually I wear SASS sandals; however, I love to go barefoot. Lately I cannot walk barefoot or with my sandals. I put these shoes on for the first time and could walk everywhere. They are so very comfortable and I have no pain with them.

I will definitelypurchase another pair


I have issues with my Knees, Tendonitis of the Tibial and Plantars Fasciitis I ware them all day at work and my feet and legs feel wonderful at the end of the day. It did take a couple of days to get accustom to them.

I bought a pair of tennis 3 yrs ago...they are very comforta


Walking and gym on treadmill

I was able to work with my bad knees, those shoes saved me!


Great shoes for jobs that keep you on your feet all day!

Every color on the way!


Wow! I have searched all my life for a pair shoes like this. I'll probably get a pair in every color it's like walking on air it's saved pain in my foot my knee and my hip even my broken toe they fit perfectly I can walk so far in these and I'm Ia heavy person you cannot go wrong buying the shoes thank you for making them



Not the prettiest shoe since it has such a thick sole but when your feet hurt, WHO CARES, nice colors but they look worth it, my feet are in heaven!!!!!

On my second pair


I'm getting ready to buy my third pair. I have severe arthritis in my metatarsals and can only wear most shoes with my orthotics. With my Ions, however, I was amazed to discover I don't need my orthotics at all! When I wore them to my podiatrist and told him that I didn't need the orthotics in these particular shoes, he asked me what they wear and when I told him, he said, "I've heard of those. Let me see them." After examining them closely, he remarked that they really WERE great shoes.
Each time I get a new pair, my older pair is assigned garden duty because I find that my feet are more stable on uneven ground when I'm wearing them.

I will be buying these shoes again


Received my shoes today they really feel good have knee issues and hip issues only drawback I have is that I need a size 12 woman so I had to order a man 10 I wish you would start making a 12 women

Absolutely love this shoe!


I have plantar fasciitis and this shoe is so comfortable!