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G-Comfort Orthotics for Women (Posted)




Enjoy the benefits of our new thinner Women's G-Comfort® Orthotic  Insoles that produces relief curvature of your natural arch while reducing stress on feet, knees, hips and joints. This is a perfect option for those hardworking feet and individuals standing all day. Our antimicrobial sock-liner prevents fungus and other bacterial odors. This special orthotic produces a high level of breathability with a molded PU keeping your feet cool while managing moisture.They are also crafted with the same long-lasting material used by podiatrists to help with common foot conditions.  You will experience better body alignment and increased stability reducing stress on your feet. Feel the soft cushioning when you step into our newly designed G-Comfort® orthotic. Built for individuals with conditions of Diabetes, Arthritis, and Plantar Fasciitis  giving maximum comfort for all day wear reducing pressure of joints. Feel better and do more every day.