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Women's GDEFY Lauff Athletic Shoes

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$120.00 $160.00



Step into the future of athletic performance with the revolutionary GDEFY shoe Lauff. Engineered using GDEFY’s patented HYBRID VERSOSHOCK® Technology to elevate your active lifestyle, Lauff is the ultimate companion for those who seek a shoe that embodies lightweight agility, unwavering stability, and unbeatable breathability. Designed to surpass all expectations, Lauff redefines the standard for lightweight footwear. Weighing a remarkable 20% lighter than its predecessor, the renowned Energiya, Lauff effortlessly enhances your speed and agility without compromising on support or comfort.

The GDEFY Lauff offers unmatched motion control and supreme energy return through its cutting-edge HYBRID VERSOSHOCK® technology, empowering you to achieve new personal bests and push your boundaries. The shoe's construction prioritizes breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry for distraction-free performance. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or always on the go, GDEFY Lauff elevates your journey with its patented technology, lightweight design, motion control, and stability. Experience the miracle of this revolutionary shoe and gear up for excellence.

8 hour comfort


  • Hybrid VersoShock® Technology: A smart cushioning and recovery technology that combines patented VersoShock® with full-sole shock absorption from VersoCloud® spring cell sole.
  • Lightest Shoe We Offer: 20% lighter than MATeem/Energiya.The GDEFY LAUFF, the lightest shoe in our collection, offers a sensation of weightlessness, enhancing agility and allowing you to excel in athletic pursuits, reaching extraordinary heights of lightweight performance.
  • Durable Breathable Mesh: Provides proper ventilation and flexibility for comfortable wear.
  • Better Stability: Precision-engineered construction ensures feet remain firmly grounded on any terrain, providing confidence and balance with every step.
  • Unique Motion Control: Patented HYBRID VERSOSHOCK® technology adapts seamlessly to movements, offering a personalized and responsive fit for enhanced performance.
  • Hardened TPU Full-Perimeter Shank: Offers protection against mid-foot trauma and hyperflexion injuries, providing maximum lateral stability while walking, standing, and running.
  • Removable Insoles: PU 3D Removable insoles with water-wicking top, designed to aid most foot types and easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Free Corrective Fit Orthotics Included: Orthotics provide full-body alignment and perfect biomechanics, enhancing comfort and support.
  • Heel Tab: For easy and convenient putting on and taking off of the shoes.

Weight 9oz