Gravity Defyer Laceless Athletics

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Make Every Shoe A Slip-On! 

Slip in or out of your shoes  reducing  the pain of bending. Enjoy the comfort of no longer tying your shoes. Adapts perfectly with a customized fit reducing pressure on your feet. This silicone based non-toxic lacing system is hypoallergenic, very flexible, easy to clean and waterproof.

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Yes, but need instructions on an easy way to get them in. Broke one trying to pull it through.


Great fit, great return policy. I need further instructions on putting non-tie laces in. First shoes I have been able to wear after trying just about all orthopedic type shoes. My closet is full of custom made orthotics & shoes. I need diabetic thin no show socks to wear these shoes. True to size without socks for me.

Warning. Does not fit into Mighty Walk model. GD gave me a full refund.


Doesn’t work with Mighty Walk shoes.

Love these!


I love these! I recently purchased two pair of GD shoes but only one pair of these after reading the reviews. I put them on one pair and liked them so much I bought another pair for the other shoes. They can be difficult to put on the shoe but that is good, they won't come out easy, and you only have to put them on once! I like that there are extra sizes as well so that you can customize the fit of your shoe. I will buy these for every pair of GD shoes I purchase in the future.



I love my GDEFY shoes but these "laceless" laces are ridiculous and after more than an hour of struggling to install them, I gave up in frustration (with a broken finger nail I might add.) I had to use needle-nose pliers and all the strength and coordination I possess (not much, admittedly) and still couldn't get them in. I would never, ever, ever recommend this product to anybody -- and plan to return mine for a full refund.

love them,:)


I have been ordering GD for 3 years . every year I buy a new pair of GD because I am on my feet all day. I use to have lower back pain, my job is very physical. I left my chiropractor no need since I've been GDing it!!! I do wish they would make womens GDS in red or blue . Sharper colors to choose from. My bunion even feels better after 3 years . I love my feet and GDs are theee best in every way!

5 reviews

Sizing : 40% said it feels full size too small
Arch : 40% said it Low Arch
Width : 40% said it Feels too narrow