Men's G-Defy Radius Hiking Shoes

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Explore the great outdoors in comfort and style with the new Radius hiking shoe. From top to bottom we’ve created a durable shoe that will help ease the pain and discomfort of a long hike on the trail. Our Radius has a supportive, contoured footbed atop a lightweight VersoShock sole. Fine-crafted, stylish and rugged, the Radius is perfect for the long-distance or novice hiker.

Membrane lining with a reinforced breathability wall keeps your feet dry

Special rubber material provides max grip on any surface due to unique thread

Weight 16oz

Ratings & Reviews

They worked.


I have hereditary motor sensory neuropathy. I've been to foot Doctors and spent $500.00 and $200.00 for custom inserts and these shoes made more of a difference than anything the Doctors have done. I still have the burning in my feet but after a week the pain has been cut by 70 %. I plan on ordering another pair because now my present exercise shoes just don't cut the mustard.

Quality material and construction. Great fit.


Now my favorite shoe. Only complaint is limited availability of Wide widths in men's catalog. Call ahead to check.

I could not have done it without them!


I have a back injury which causes me discomfort when I step down. I just finished a trip with less than hospitable terrain. The versoshock technology
<br>made this trip totally tolerable.
<br>I did order a half size larger as recommended and they fit fine.



I love these shoes. I walk and hike quite a bit. I instantly felt a difference and sciatic and foot pain are basically gone after around only 30 miles. Great Job! I will buy other styles. Worth It

Greatest walking shoe ever, but a real ugly duckling


The shoe is great and the most comfortable shoe I ever walked in. The person at GDEFY which designed how this Radius walking shoe rocks forward as you walk is a genius. The designer of the shoe's soul deserves a promotion and bonus. However I do not care for the tan color and general look of this shoe. The tan color is even uglier than as you see on the internet. Certainly this shoe is nothing you would wear around anyone you want to positively impress.
<br>Everyone reading this review should bombard the GDEFY with messages to get them to change the look and color selection of the new Radius Walking shoe... but GDEFY needs to they keep the basic design of the shoe's soul.

5 reviews

Sizing : 60% said it feels half size too small
Arch : 40% said it Average Arch
Width : 60% said it Feels true to width

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