Women's G-Defy Compass Work Shoes

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$99.95 $170.00
$99.95 $170.00



Set your destination with the Compass, the perfect on-the-go slip on. Featuring our patented VersoShock® technology for all day comfort and pain relief. The seamless and padded interior, along with a roomy toe box, make even the longest days on your feet a breeze.



✔ REMOVABLE INSOLES to accommodate custom orthotic support

✔ FRONT ROCKER SOLE with a supported midfoot to prevent and relieve plantar fasciitis

✔ ELASTICIZED GUSSETS provides stretch for easy slip-on and take-off wearability

Weight 16oz

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I so wanted to love these shoes! I am desperate for an AMAZING shoe! I work in food service on my feet for at least 8 hours a day.. I was so excited to get my shoes, i put them on and decided that the 9.5 was a good fit however, was tight in my toe area. I started the process to return both pairs in exchange for the 9.5 wide width thinking that would give me more room at the toe area. it has been over 2 weeks. Customer service reps are excellent and try to help in any way they can! So, i received the 9.5 wide yesterday, again so excited for them, i put them on and the same thing, they were tight in the toe area. They were not wider in the toe area. they were not as cushioned as i had hoped they would be given the name Gravity Defyer . I sadly are sending them back for full refund. I would spend this much money if they were the perfect fit for me. Unfortunately they were not.

I wold buy this product again


( two words). they are amazing shoes love them, very good



Feel tight around my toes area,not cushion enough for top of the toes, shoes size a bit loose.

So wanted them to be perfect


I like the slip on style, really wanted these shoes to be perfect. After wearing them 2 days they stretched out way too much. I put in the extra insole and they were still too big. Smaller size didn't help. Although if they had fit properly I could tell they were going to be great for my feet, back, and knees.



DONT BELIEVE THE BAD REVIEWS! I’m a server at a very busy restaurant and have suffered from planters fasciitis for the past year. Yesterday was my first day trying out these LIFE CHANGING shoes. I worked a 12 hour shift with no break and when I got home for the first time my feet felt better than when I left the house! My gate and posture were immediately improved. The best surprise was the relief continued when I woke up this morning! I got out of bed and had NO PAIN! PRAISE GOD!
<br>I had read the reviews so I ordered the WIDE WIDTH and used the included yellow insert along with the bonus orthopedic inserts that Gravity Defyer so kindly provided for extra arch support.
<br>These shoes are worth every penny. I’m a customer for life!

Good shoe


I love this shoe, before I buy different kind of shoe to suite my feet for whole day, but never find one before. And now finally I find my one for my feet to wear, walking for whole day make my feet happy, I rock my feet for fun like having exercise everyday, love it!!! I'll recommend this shoe for my friends and they love it too. Having fun at work we're wearing the same shoe and I'm planning to buy again. The shoe very durable material I wear more that a year I can remember and still good until now and I'm wearing it. Thank you, gravitydefyer. May God Bless You All.

I was so excited about this shoe but it just doesn't fit correctly.


I saw an ad for these shoes and was so excited to try. I've had foot and knee surgery and stand 6-8 hours a day. First let me say these are high quality designed and manufactured shoes. The comfort of the sole walking was heavenly. Nice, soft leather with a professional look and lightweight for a bulk sole. I decided to wear them around the house for several days to be sure they fit properly. Right off the bat, they were ever so slightly small in the length but did not cause pain. The tongue of the shoe comes up a bit high on my foot and almost pinched the bend of my foot. The shoe is too wide. I have never worn a narrow, but sure wish they came in narrow. I think a 1/2 size bigger and narrow would better fit my foot. Even with the provided spacer, they were just too large across the foot.

I bought my pair 2/2020


I bought my pair 2/2020 and yes, I would by another pair. My feet did not hurt throughout the day and I was able to walk longer distances.

Very Disappointing


I thought these were the same shoes I purchased before but they do not work the same. Please bring back the old ones. My feet have been so bad since using these for the past 6 months. Very disappointed with this purchase, I gave it time thinking my feet just needed to adjust but these just do not work the same.

9 reviews

Sizing : 33% said it feels half size too small
Arch : 44% said it Average Arch
Width : 33% said it Feels true to width