Men's G-Defy Cloud Walk Athletic Shoes

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Feel the clouds beneath your feet. The Cloud Walk keeps you comfortable and pain-free all day as the powerful VersoShock® sole cushions every step. Standing long hours? Walking back-and-forth? Then the Cloud Walk is what you need. With both a lace-up or quick-strap style, this work performance sneaker made with breathable calf leather will keep you on course throughout your day. Don’t miss a beat with the Cloud Walk.



✔ REMOVABLE INSOLES to accommodate custom orthotic support

✔ FRONT ROCKER SOLE with a supported midfoot to prevent and relieve plantar fasciitis

✔ NATURAL CONTOURED HEEL CUP keeps your foot secure in place with added cushion preventing sore knees and heel spurs.

Weight 16oz

Ratings & Reviews



Just purchased shoes from a local Michigan dealer and they feel great! Instant relief so far from lower back pain.

12-16 hour days in these shoes


I purchased these shoes because I had started a job as a dialysis nurse (worked in treatment a super busy ER every day) in a hospital, and leather shoes were required.
<br>I have worn them up to 6-days a week, and to say I am pleased with them is an understatement. They have helped alleviate having tired feet and legs, and helped the back pain I was having so much, I have literally zero back pain. This is a far cry from being laid up for a month last year due to my back.
<br>I have bought Gravity Defyer dress shoes (2-pair), work boots for when doing construction projects, and these shoes. Being comfortable and pain free is worth the price for me.
<br>I will be wearing this shoe as long as I am a working the floor as a nurse. I hope they do not discontinue this shoe.

4 reviews

Sizing : 25% said it feels half size too small
Arch : 25% said it Average Arch
Width : 25% said it Feels true to width