Affiliate Program

Affiliate Commission Structure

Sign Up and Start Making Money Today! : An easy way to earn money! Sign up with the Gravity Defyer Affiliate Program for free through Commission Junction, then, login at to fetch code for banners, landing pages, text links, and more! E-mail us at, and we will help you get started selling >

Once you sign up - Gravity Defyer will provide a wide selection of creative elements in various sizes that are highly optimized to ensure you make BIG MONEY! Select what works best for your site, drop it into your webpage and watch it work! Through online reports you can track your results in real time and see just how much your monthly check will be!

Look at the advantages of selling Gravity Defyer products on your site:

Gravity Defyer will provide seasonal promotions guaranteed to convert.
Our creative department will supply numerous promotions, offering special discounts, shipping offers, and coupons to entice your customers to buy.

Gravity Defyer Data Feed.
Gravity Defyer has a data feed available for all affiliates who use this technology. Sign up here, then contact your representative for more information

Carry no inventory-no warehouse fees!
Your consumers purchase directly from Gravity Defyer through your website or banner! No need for you to carry inventory; we do all of the work for you!

No shipping costs for you to pay.
Let Gravity Defyer handle all of the work for you! All you have to do is get traffic to your website and attract those sales.

Consumers receive Free shipping on all orders over $200.00 (USD).
That’s right! There’s no shipping charge or fee on all shoe orders! this is a definite plus when attracting consumers to purchase Gravity Defyer products on your web site.

Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover- No bank fees for using credit cards.
Your website purchases for Gravity Defyer products go directly to our shopping cart, this seamless integration gives the consumer the feeling that they are actually purchasing from you! All you have to do is add banners; text links; or landing pages to your website and we do the rest!

Use customer support center.
Many of our landing pages have real time chat for your consumer audience! You keep the commission and they get hands on technical support and their questions answered.

Reserved Keyword Policy

Gravity Defyer reserves specific brand names from use by its affiliates.
The following are protected keywords. Affiliate marketers advertising under these keywords will result in immediate expulsion from our affiliate program.

  • Gravity Defyer
  • GDefy
  • G-Defy
  • G Defy
  • Gravity Defier
  • Gravity Defying Shoes
  • All brand name misspellings
  • All brand name variations

This includes all paid Search Advertisements in Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and all affiliated search networks. See program terms in Commission Junction for additional restrictions.