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Women's GDEFY Radius Hiking Shoes

$165.00 $185.00
$165.00 $185.00



Explore the great outdoors in comfort and style with the new Radius hiking shoe. From
top to bottom we’ve created a durable shoe that will help ease the discomfort
of a long hike on the trail. Our Radius has a supportive, contoured footbed atop the
VersoShock®** sole. Fine-crafted, stylish and rugged, the Radius is perfect for the long-distance
or novice hiker.

8 hour comfort


  • VersoShock® Technology patented technology is clinically shown to relieve
    pain in the knees by up to 85%**.
  • Front Rolling Design designed to reduce foot stress by isolating 28 bones, 30 joints,
    and over 100 muscles from harm.
  • Roomy Toe Box intended to improve circulation by relieving stress on your toes
    and arches.
  • Waterproof Membrane Lining with reinforced breathability wall that keeps your feet dry.
  • Removable Insoles to accommodate custom orthotic support.
  • Free Corrective Fit Orthotics included– $50 Value. Orthotics provide full-body
    alignment and perfect biomechanics.

** VersoShock® patented technology is clinically shown to relieve pain in the knees by up
to 85% in a 2017 double-blind study by Olive View UCLA Medical Center.

Weight 16.4oz

What People Say About Us

I WILL buy this product again and again!


I just ordered these shoes and received them in 3 days (It helps that I live in California). They fit great and feel great. In the box was a complimentary pair of Corrective Fit insoles. After walking in the house for a day I decided to try the new insoles. So I removed the Comfort Fit insoles and replaced them with the Corrective Fit. I didn’t think it could get any better but it did! These insoles stopped the heel slippage that was occurring without me having to tighten the laces. There was even more support for my high arches! Amazing!!
Thank you to everyone who has anything to do with this company! Your customer service is great and the fact that you keep trying to improve on a product that is already amazing deserves a standing ovation! Keep up the good work!!

Waterproof and great for my ankle pain


These hiking shoes work well for me - I have severe arthritis in one of my ankles, and the rigid sole and rocker shape make it possible walk longer distances over rougher ground than I could before I got them. The waterproofing is also excellent. At first I was concerned that they were a little heavy, but the shape works so well for me that it doesn't matter.

Best Hiking shoe for me with foot problems


I have a mortons neuroma on lt foot and metataralgia on the right. I have tried every shoe out there the podiatrist recommended with no help from them for years. I found these and tried them over a year ago. OMG it has been great. I can walk or hike about 5 miles with no issues now, before a quarter mile and was in agony. I have even walked 12 miles and only had to rest and rub foot once. I am on second pair if these and the walking shoes. Try them, they may help. I highly recommend them.

Didn't last!


I really loved these. I like that they give you different insoles. The were supportive for my achilles. The problem I have is the fact that they didn't last even 3 months before the stitching holding the toe piece to the side (by your big toe) came apart. It happened on both shoes. For the price, I expect them to last much longer. Especially since they are supposed to be hiking shoes.



Save your money! I really liked these. They were supportive for my achilles. However, they didn't last 3 months before the stitching holding the toe piece to the side leather(by the big toe) came apart and left a hole. This happened on both shoes. They wouldn't let me leave a 1 star review.

Great shoes...but needs a lug sole.


I have a couple of pairs of Mighty Walks and I love wearing them so when I saw this shoe on the website, I decided to give them a try. My main reason for purchasing the Radius was to wear during the winter. The shipping was incredible (I live in Canada and got them within a week) and the shoe itself is great. They fit well, are warm (waterproof), and attractive...but my issue came down to the sole. While I did find the sole to be more stiff than the Mighty Walks, I was expecting (and hoping for) more of a lug sole; something that would have more traction on unpaved trails and/or snow and ice. I wore them on a nearby snow covered trail and I slipped several times. If you decide to get these, I would suggest getting ice cleats. Otherwise, these are great shoes!



I’ve had these shoes for almost a year now. I live in Memphis, TN, and chose this model over the Sierra because I wanted shoes for rainy weather and mud. They are almost too beautiful for the rain, and they’re my favorite shoes. Recently my pipes burst, and water filled my house. I slipped these shoes on and started battling the flood. Eleven surreal hours later, my feet were the only part of me that didn’t hurt, and were also the driest. They show almost no wear. I would buy them all over again.