Men's G-Defy Stride Lane Hiking Shoes

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Explore the great outdoors in comfort and style with the Stride Lane hiking shoe. From top to bottom we’ve created a durable shoe that will help ease the pain and discomfort of a long hike on the trail. Our Stride Lane has a supportive, contoured footbed atop a lightweight VersoShock® sole. Fine-crafted, stylish and rugged, the Stride Lane is perfect for the long-distance or novice hiker.

Membrane lining with a reinforced breathability wall keeps your feet dry

Special rubber material provides max grip on any surface due to unique thread

Weight 19.2oz

Ratings & Reviews

Like Magic


first 3 days was hard and somewhat painful, I had some discomfort on my knees but on 4th day my lower back pain and knee pain gone like magic, I am loving hiking again.

I would highly recommend this shoe have been wearing now for 11 days and love them


would highly recommend

Been wearing about 2 weeks now


The order form says order 1/2 size larger than usual, so I did. They were right. The 10-1/2 (I normally wear 10) felt comfortable right out of the box. I work at home on my feet all day and take regular breaks to walk the trails in the woods behind our house. I wanted shoes that would transition easily from the shop to the woods (Did not like having to change shoes each time). These work well for that. They are a little on the heavy side (like hiking boots) and feel kind of clunky around the house, but they feel perfect on the trails. They take a little getting used to because they are very different from regular shoes, but I am getting used to them and liking them more and more. Can't speak to the joint relief aspect as I am still recuping from meniscus-tear knee surgery 4 months ago, but these shoes may be helping. When wearing thin socks or compression hose, you can slip the yellow spacer insole that comes with them under the regular insole.

4 reviews

Sizing : 50% said it feels half size too small
Arch : 50% said it Average Arch
Width : 50% said it Feels true to width

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