Women's GDEFY Orion Athletic Shoes

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$155.00 $185.00



Another night soaking tired feet and rubbing sore joints? Need to look great morning, noon
and night? The Orion takes pain relief footwear to a new level with premium uppers made
of beautifully crafted nubuck leather. It’s a perfect fashion choice that will take you where
a simple sneaker could never go.

Take to the stars pain-free with the Orion! Made in a rich, durable and soft nubuck calf
leather, this stylish-casual sneaker provides life-changing foot stability and advanced
multilayer cushioning built with the pain-relieving VersoShock® technology**. Look great.
Feel healthier and be happier with the Orion.

plantar fasciitis* | 8 hour comfort


  • VersoShock® patented technology is clinically shown to relieve pain in the ankles,
    knees, feet and back by up to 92%*.
  • Front Rolling Design designed to reduce foot stress by isolating 28 bones, 30 joints,
    and over 100 muscles from harm.
  • Roomy Toe Box extra room for comfort and better blood circulation.
  • Removable Insoles to accommodate custom orthotic support
  • Free Podiatrist-Grade Corrective Fit Orthotics included– $50 Value. *Orthotics can
    help with plantar fasciitis and provide full-body alignment and perfect biomechanics to
    help with pain relief.

*According to a 2017 double-blind study by Olive View UCLA Medical Center.

Weight 10oz

Height of sole 2.5 in

Ratings & Reviews

My favorite so far!


I've been wearing these on a concrete floor in a factory that I work in, and these are so comfortable. The soft nubuck leather is wonderful for a sensitive big toe that I have as well.

Like walking on a cloud!


Once you put these shoes on you won't want to take them off! I can jog now without foot or leg pain. These shoes give great stability to the foot, and you feel like you are walking on a thick layer of memory foam. I'm sold for life!

Great for traveling


I bought these shoes before I went on a trip to Italy. When they arrived I put them on and wore them the whole week before I left for the trip. They are worth the money. While in Italy, I never felt the uneven flooring that bricks, marble, and cobblestone can cause. Ready to order another pair for walking since I want to keep the first pair for traveling. Basically, it is like walking on a sponge!!!



I don't normally write reviews, but OMG . . . . these are the best shoes ever!! I have tried four other brands of shoes for my increasing foot pain (two outer toes, heel pain and outer ankle pain) and hundreds of dollars paid for orthotics! Within an hour of putting these on, I can walk with NO pain . . . and I was able to sleep last night without pain and discomfort! I am totally impressed and may soon order a second pair!!

Best purchase for walking shoes EVER!!


I have so many problems with my feet and every time I try to buy a good pair of walking shoes they hurt so bad. I have planters facetious, a collapsed arch, 4 pins in my ankle and 4 surgeries, and often fracture my metatarsal bones from just walking. So, finding a great shoe was my life goal. Now I can honestly say I found it! I did as the directions stated and wore them for 1 hour each day around the house then walking on my treadmill for 15 minutes. Within a week I was able to walk a 1/2 hour. It hurt A LOT in the beginning, but after two weeks I am now able to walk in them for hours at a time. My feet & leg muscles feel great! The only downfall is the colors. I wanted a white shoe, but this style doesn't offer that color. I went with the grey and its almost a green.

No more crying in pain


Purchased 1 size bigger & xw for walking w/out immense pain. Using their corrective insole. Tried out 1st time & walked 2 miles w/out any pain & was not exhausted. All my shoes are gravity defyer because after yrs of working on my feet, arches broke down, heal pain had me sitting on ground crying cause I couldn't walk any more - I thought I was done. I honestly can walk-walk some miles in no pain w/these shoes after spending $1000s for shoes, Dr made insoles & store bought indoles that didn't work.

I'm Very Happy!


I purchased this style about a month ago after being fed up with aching feet. My feet have hurt for years with Plantar Fasciitis and Morton's Neuroma on my right foot! In spite of that between work, gym and typical daily routine I walk 24,000 to 27,000 steps per day. These shoes are SO comfortable I ordered two other styles! All three are wonderful! I'm so happy I've got a new brand I can depend on. I'm not saying the Morton's Neuroma pain is gone but it is significantly reduced! As a result, I can walk further before I start feeling the "pebble" feeling in my shoe which is indicative of Morton's Neuroma. The Planter Faucitis pain is totally gone in both feet! Prior to ordering these shoes I had ordered new orthotics at the podiatrist. I just received a phone call that the orthotics are ready! I'm really excited at the thought of all being totally gone with these shoes and special orthotics! I am VERY HAPPY! I'll be back for more!

6 reviews

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