Men's G-Defy Ion Athletic Shoes

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Re-energize your life with the Ion. When it hurts to move—when your joints seems worn by years of abuse—when managing foot pain, aching joints, knee or back pain seems to have become your full-time job—you need maximum protection—maximum pain relief only the Ion can deliver. With a midsole 30% thicker than the original, clinically proven VersoShock® pain relief sole, the Ion wraps your foot in comfort. With a maximal sole for those who need extra cushioning at the arch and forefoot, the Ion promises increased balance, stability, and support to ease the pain of plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, stress fractures, and more. Need even more reasons? Every pair of Ions include our exclusive Corrective Fit orthotic as a free bonus—a podiatrist-grade solution that restores joint alignment for lasting pain relief and comfort. Minimize discomfort and maximize your performance with the Ion. I made some very minor changes in the above


✔MEDICARE / HCPCS code = A5500, may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement

✔ BREATHABLE MESH UPPER produces proper ventilation & flexibility

✔ REMOVABLE INSOLES to accommodate custom orthotic support

✔ FRONT ROLLING FOREFOOT DESIGN Smooth movement and stability. Reduces foot stress by isolating 28 bones 30 joints, and over 100 muscles from harm

✔ ROOMY TOE BOX extra room for comfort and better blood circulation

Weight 13oz

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Gravity Defying Ion Athletic Shoes


These shoes were purchased for my husband Rob who is a full time grain/hay/cattle farmer and does all work related to that field. The shoes provide good foot stabilization and reduce impact from walking on uneven surfaces. He has plantar fasciitis in both feet and these shoes are providing great comfort. I would recommend these shoes for everyone. Good color and style selection as well. N Grandt

Very pleased with shoe


I have prodruding bunions and rather flat feet. Gone through many sneakers, hiking boots and shoes in atttempt at finding comfortable footware. I walk 4 miles a day, these gravity defer sneakers a better than anything else I've worn. I gave it a 4 star rather than 5 since the jury is still out on wear our durability. Walking 4 miles a day I go through a sneaker in 3 months. If they last that long or more I'm ok with the durabity.

The most comfortable shoes


These shoes are very comfortable. Very good feel from the first time I put them on. Be nice to your feet and get a pair for yourself. Great company to do business with.

Gravity Defyer Show Made a HUGE Difference


I am retired, but very active playing pickleball, line dancing and golf, not to mention walking. When I ordered my first pair of shoes, I was using expensive ($275) orthoyics based on my chiropractor's scan of my feet. Although they did help, there was still something missing. I decided to give these Gravity Defyer shoes a try based on ads I had seen on TV. Upon receiving them, I felt an immediate difference and as I wore them (without the orthotics), and noticed even more difference in terms of comfort. They have made a HUGE difference in comfort and I have found that if I don't wear them, there is something missing in terms of comfort. I have much less pain in my feet when I wear the Gravity Defyer shoes. Just think, they cost less than my orthotics and they are so stylish! I even had one person ask me about them as I was standing in line as he was so impressed with them. I've just ordered a pair of loafers and my wife just ordered sandals and flats. Obviously I am a big believer in Gravity Defyer shoes and willing to tell others because THEY WORK! Thank you, Gravity Defyer, for developing such a shoe and thank you for advertising!

I'm a fan.


I have 2 pairs of Ions, 1 pair of work boots, and 2 pairs of sandals. They definitely help with my foot/leg issues. My only complaint is similar to previous reviews is that the mesh tears too easily and the colored stripe on the sole wears off. It makes the shoe look old and worn too fast even though the sole has plenty of miles left on it.

Proof-read before sending to IT!


I'm a nurse with arthritic feet - bones actually stick out. Sadly, the women's sizing doesn't go to my size. I'm debating whether or not to try a men's pair.
<br>By the way, while reviewing the orthotic screen, the last sentence says "I've made some very minor changes." I'm guessing this was your proof-reader?

30 reviews

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