Women's Green UpBov Sandal

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60% air. 40% foam. 100% ortho-therapeutic. Free your body with this therapeutic sandal that eases stress from high impact exercise, standing on hard surfaces & poor shoe choices. Athletes know the importance of protection and recovery. You should too! Great for hot days by the pool, after workouts or running errands. This easy to clean, fully adjustable open-backed sandal is water-friendly and light-as-air, thanks to the dynamic support and correction of our revolutionary VersoCloud multi-density foam.


✔ FRONT ROLLING FOREFOOT DESIGN Smooth movement and stability. Reduces foot stress by isolating 28 bones 30 joints, and over 100 muscles from harm.

✔ PROTECTIVE DEEP HEEL CUP Improves balance and stability (15MM)

✔ VERSOCLOUD THERAPEUTIC FOOTBED/OUTSOLE Ultra-soft Spring-Cell Cushion with Gcomfort 3D Support.

✔ ADJUSTABLE QUICK-STRAP For easy hassle-free wearability and secure hold.

✔ RELAXING TOE REST Encourages natural toe and metatarsal movement

Weight 5.2oz

Height of sole 1 3/4 in

Ratings & Reviews

So Comfortable!


So so comfortable. Lightweight. Real support - can tell when I take them off as well as when I wear them. Do make my feet hot on the bottom but I can live with that as long as the material is not harmful to my body. Don't know the research or details on that. Have four pair in various colors and wear them all the time. Did make my leg muscles sore at first but getting better. Do make me stand up straight which is excellent. White soles have to be cleaned often vs. the black soles. Sit it came in Navy Blue.



Well even though it has an arch inside because of the hollow cut out bottom design at the arch your foot still rolls inward without support.
<br>The plastic type material or something on it also makes the Upbov sandal very slippery on the inside.

Highly recommend


Very comfortable, supportive sandal, takes pressure off arches, could walk forever in these sandals

Walking in comfort once again!


I don't ever write reviews but I always read at least 10 before buying something, so I feel I owe you & this product a review. I've been suffering with PF to the point I thought I had a bone spur or hairline fracture, neither of which it turned out to be. I decided to give these sandals a try & now I just live in them, literally! Even in the shower, they are amazing! You may need to follow the advice of wearing them an hour at a time to adjust but I could not do it, from the minute I put them on I couldn't take them off! The downside is that yr feet may get a little hot at times, for me it's minimal & not different then other plastic/rubber type sandals. The comfort far outweighs that issue. (only reason for 4 stars vs. 5). Now they are just a part of my foot! So much so, I just ordered the sneakers and the work shoes. I hope you find comfort with these, well worth the try! I did order the wide width & I do feel they are true to size.

Love these sandals!


I purchased these sandals in June, mainly because I've somehow developed plantar fasciitis. They are amazingly comfortable as well as stylish and they have really helped my feet to heal. I've worn them around the house all summer (also as bedroom slippers) and I love them! I would highly recommend this sandal to anyone who wants a comfortable sandal!

5 reviews