Women's G-Defy Gamma-Ray Athletic Shoes

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All-terrain, highest performance!! Ultimate athletic, ultra-light, -stable cross-trainer brings out the best on any surface- grass, asphalt, varnished wood, linoleum, or concrete! Advanced multi-density blended-synthetic cleat supports and distributes weight and momentum evenly all-the-time. First choice for golf, basketball, soccer, running, or power walking. Ideal for activity requiring punched starts, fast pivots, hard turns, anchored feet, or extreme upper-torso movement. Materials optimized to keep hard-working feet extra cool with comfort-padded interior for aggressive workouts and reinforced heel and toe made to endure tough action while limiting wear.

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It's true that the material on top of the shoe (not the toe box) does split open after as little as 3 months! I am not hard on shoes, and have also questioned quality. Come on GF, these shoes are far too expensive for the poor workmanship. The only reason I won't buy anymore. Please put more effort into durability.

Due to purchase of Mightly walk athletic shoes first, was spoiled as compared this shoe to it. would not purchase again.


I had purchased the mighty walk athletic shoe first. (saved up for it as on limited income). This shoe was on sale and thought due to loving the first purchase thought would try this shoe. The toes are more narrow and initially pinch in width. As continue to wear, is getting better but find that I may need to purchase additional metatarsal pads that the mighty walk athletic shoe did not need. My feet feel more discomfort in this shoe than previous purchase. Heel has same great support but feels wider than toe area so fit is not as comfortable as previous purchase. If you struggle with any type of foot pain would not recommend this shoe.

The WORST GD model ever


I have at least 6 pairs of Gravity Defyers and I have to say that this company really produces great shoes. I had back surgery and I also have Achilles Tendinitis and bad knees, but I have always had great comfort wearing GDs, until this very model. Women's G-Defy Gamma-Ray Athletic is the worst model this company has ever produced as far as I'm concerned. This pair has given me nothing but pain! REAL PAIN!! I tried to let it redeem itself for quite a while, but to no avail! And considering that I bought this pair when it was over 100 bucks, it made me rethink my allegiance to Gravity Defyer, so I have not made a purchase of late. I turned to a different brand and so far, I feel good with my new brand. It's high time they put this model on sale!!! This really was a bad pair of shoes.

3 reviews

Sizing : 33% said it feels true to size