Men's GDEFY Ion Athletic Shoes

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Re-energize your life with the Ion. When it hurts to move—when your joints seem worn by
years of use—when managing foot pain, aching joints, knee or back pain seems to have
become your full-time job—you need maximum protection—maximum pain relief only
the Ion can deliver. With the clinically demonstrated VersoShock® pain-relief sole**, the
Ion wraps your foot in protection. With a maximal sole for those who need extra cushioning
at the arch and forefoot, the Ion is designed for increased balance, stability, and support
to ease your pain. Need even more reasons? Every pair of Ions include our exclusive
Corrective Fit orthotic as a free bonus—a podiatrist-grade solution that helps with
plantar fasciitis* by restoring joint alignment and supporting your arch for lasting pain
relief. Minimize discomfort and maximize your performance with the Ion.

plantar fasciitis* | diabetic friendly | 8 hour comfort


  • VersoShock® patented technology is clinically shown to relieve pain in the ankles,
    knees, feet and back by up to 92%*.
  • Front Rolling Design designed to reduce foot stress by isolating 28 bones, 30 joints,
    and over 100 muscles from harm.
  • Roomy Toe Box intended to improve circulation by relieving stress on your toes
    and arches.
  • Removable Insoles to accommodate custom orthotic support
  • Free Podiatrist-Grade Corrective Fit Orthotics included– $50 Value. *Orthotics can
    help with plantar fasciitis and provide full-body alignment and perfect biomechanics to
    help with pain relief.

**In a 2017 double-blind study by Olive View UCLA Medical Center.

Ratings & Reviews

Gravity Defyer Show Made a HUGE Difference


I am retired, but very active playing pickleball, line dancing and golf, not to mention walking. When I ordered my first pair of shoes, I was using expensive ($275) orthoyics based on my chiropractor's scan of my feet. Although they did help, there was still something missing. I decided to give these Gravity Defyer shoes a try based on ads I had seen on TV. Upon receiving them, I felt an immediate difference and as I wore them (without the orthotics), and noticed even more difference in terms of comfort. They have made a HUGE difference in comfort and I have found that if I don't wear them, there is something missing in terms of comfort. I have much less pain in my feet when I wear the Gravity Defyer shoes. Just think, they cost less than my orthotics and they are so stylish! I even had one person ask me about them as I was standing in line as he was so impressed with them. I've just ordered a pair of loafers and my wife just ordered sandals and flats. Obviously I am a big believer in Gravity Defyer shoes and willing to tell others because THEY WORK! Thank you, Gravity Defyer, for developing such a shoe and thank you for advertising!

The most comfortable shoes


These shoes are very comfortable. Very good feel from the first time I put them on. Be nice to your feet and get a pair for yourself. Great company to do business with.

Love these shoes!!!


I’ve had these for 6 months and they are my favorite shoes ever.

Love it


1st time buying , I absolutely love it . My left foot used to hurt after a long night of waitressing, since I've had them I no longer have pain in my left foot. I also feel the core in my back is getting stronger

Great Shoes


Im an airline employee and on my feet all day. The shoes are very comfortable and takes a lot of pressure off my feet. I just hope they last as long as advertised well see. Overall great product!!

The best shoes, no pain on my Planter fasciitis or my back


I will recommend to anyone.

High price for a chinese shoe.


I bought a pair of mens black athletic shoes a few years ago and gave them to a navy veteran friend who was having foot comfort problems. He has had them for about 3 months and his foot comfort problems are solved. He has ordered another pair since and swears by gravity defyer athleetic shoes. I agree. I bought a pair of casual shoes from gravity defyer and the verso- shock sole is nothing like the athletic shoes. If I had known that I wouldn't have bought them. It seems to me that the quality has fallen somewhat. As soon as your prices get a little more reasonable I'll buy another pair of the mens black athletic shoes. If that doesn't happen, so be it. Best regards,

Got as a Birthday gift


My wife got these for me as a birthday present and I was really upset with her because of the price. She insisted that I wear them and see if I liked them. I have had lower back pain for years. Walking in these shoes was life changing for me. I feel like I'm walking on air and the spring helps cushion the jarring on my back. Needless to say it was the best birthday present ever!

Now my only shoe


This is all I wear now, from gym and work out to board room to Black Tie. Tossed all the expensive dress shoes even. This is my shoe! Love it.

First time buyer of this product


My first time buying these gravity defyer shoes. I had my knee replaced, plus I have/had other foot and knee issues and was looking for a shoe to replace my new balance with a roll bar and extra support for my weight. This ION shoe is working just fine after about 60 days of use. I anticipate they are going to be my new shoes for the future. I will also try the Extora II and the Super Walk shoes based upon gravity defyer marketing ads.

Bartender on feet all day


I walk eight miles a day @ work. I stand w/ leaning over to reach -handing over stuff starts to get you in the middle back. HAVING GOOD SHOES WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I ALWAYS bought the thirty nine dollar shoes @ Kohl's then went to Kisser Permente pharmacy for $30.00 insoles (whatever) now a $70.00 nothing. This was the best thing ever. It starts and corrected some new and small foot issues for me. If I continued to use the $180.00 "SAS" Work shoes my foot condition would have gotten worse.

Great product


My husband has found these shoes to be very comfortable and perfect fit. He said they are the best shoes he has worn in years! Only disappointment is that within four months they are wearing down on the outside heels.

I've bought 4 pairs already


I've bought four pairs already. Ive notice the past 3 pairs would make a noice on fhe heal after a while. But the ions dont. But the ions wear out fast. The front of my toe started to tear. But then again its being a year that I've being using them. So yea ill buy another pair. I want to say that this shoes did help me tremendously with my foot pain. I walk alot at work and this shoes made a diffence.

Comfortable shoe!


I bought these shoes for my husband to try because of the discontinuation of his previous shoe. It was very comfortable and very close to what he had before. He really liked them but they began to squeak when he walked and he despises that. He won't buy another pair because of that reason.

I will buy again


Love these shoes! Takes a bit to get used to them. I have arthritis in both feet. And was painful to walk. Glad I found these shoes!



I recommend this shoe often, esp when someone comments that they look comfortable. My feet used to hurt so bad I could hardly get out of bed. Now my feet only bother me when the shoe is wearing out. I do feel they wear out quickly, however, I walk a lot at work and replacing them often outweighs the pain I used to have.

Perfect walking shoe


The shoes feel amazing. You could walk for miles and miles and miles with the shoes and never feel any pain at all. Justvery comfortable walking.

Great on my plantar fasciitis


Great shoes, funky color but took my pain away, I recommend this shoes to everyone I know.



The colored stripe on the Ion between the sole and the upper started rubbing off within the first week. Disappointing for a $150 shoe. Either make the stripe solid in color not coated or make the entire sole one solid color. The Gamma Rays are flashy but avoid this problem. That is the way to go. I benefit greatly from the technology built into these shoes, but the issue described makes them look substandard in a hurry. I see it as a huge marketing flaw.

Buying Again


I have bought these shoes before and I'm buying them again. I have chronic back pain and for my job I'm almost always on my feet. I was surprised that while wearing these I actually had less pain than I would by wearing different shoes. These are now my favorite shoes to wear. I can now do my job with less pain to my back.

I love these shoes!

by -

I must admit I was a bit skeptical, no I must admit I was a lot skeptical. But my skepticism was for naught because these shoes are nothing short of amazing. I disabled and a Navy Veteran from the Viet Nam era. I have hip pain, leg and ankle pain to the max.....I put these shoes on and haven't taken them off since except to go to bed, because they have relieved a good bit of my hip pain. These are absolute most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned in my 66 years of life. So, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for making my life a lot less painful....It is greatly appreciated.



I loved these things, they gave me the ability to defy gravity, and do things, only honest people wish they could do. For instance, all I had to do to get my feet off the ground was lift my leg, and... surprise! It went up! In fact, my feet are off the ground as of this moment, while I sit in my chair. Worth every cent 10/10 would fly again

Thank You !


I have ran mostly 25 miles per week for 40 years and of course have had foot pain at times. Last year I thought my time on the road were over with heel pain and tried these shoes. I am amazed at the way I have lost all of the pain.

Great fitting shoe


My standard shoe is a 9.5. I first purchased a 9.5 in this show, but it was too short. Then I ordered a size 10, and the fit is perfect. I have narrow feet and the insert they provide make it fit better. I have all kinds of issues with my feet and legs, but this fit eliminates all of my discomfort. A great buy and fit! I also purchase two more casual shoes and the fit is similar.

Very comfortable and light weight!


I bought these shoes for my hubby. We purchased two pairs of shoes and these were on back order, which allowed us to order the right width. He bought xwide, but those felt too loose, even with the insoles, so we went with the wide and they were a perfect fit. He is standing straighter and said he feels good wearing them. He is concerned with the cost but if they prevent all kinds of other issues, they are well worth the price.

33 reviews

Sizing : 39% said it feels true to size
Arch : 3% said it High Arch
Width : 3% said it Feels too wide

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